Review: Lady P’s First Day

“Sometimes learning starts in one place and ends in another”

We learn new things every single day. Even more so, our children take in new information with everything they do, see and hear. Children’s wonders and curiosities about the world lead them to explore and learn new things, all the time. This sometimes means that learning does not always take place in a classroom, and that is perfectly okay.

It is a big day for Lady P, she’s about to start kindergarten! Lady P feels nervous but she also feels excited. She is going to meet her new teacher and lots of new friends and she is going to learn lots of new things. But just as Lady P and her brother are about to leave for school, they found out that school has been cancelled due to a very serious virus. How is Lady P going to meet her new friends and learn now?

In Robert F DeFinis’ new book, he explores the current affair that has been affecting everyone’s lives. Lady P’s First Day is very fitting for parents and children around the world. The well-placed text and bright colourful illustrations on each page takes us on a journey of virtual homeschooling and returning back to school. It presents the struggles and the worries that parents and children have faced throughout schools being closed, having to adapt to online learning, and the anxiety of returning back to school. 

This book will definitely help children to understand what has been going on around the world. I really love how it depicts the range of emotions children will be dealing with during this time. Not only does is validate these feelings and let children understand those emotions are normal and acceptable. It also gives parents an insight into how their children may be feeling during all this uncertainty. 

My only downfall for this book is that it is based on how the USA education system has dealt with the pandemic. As a reader from the UK, the way virtual homeschooling was done differs slightly. Children from both countries would also be returning to school at different times. For the UK, children have already returned. In the USA, children are set to be returning in the new year. However, with that being said, I don’t think that takes away from the important message this story implies. Readers are still able to relate to Lady P and her brother as they learn to validate their emotions and embark on the new normal of staying home and learning outside of the classroom.

You can now find this book on Amazon

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